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Breads, Cookies, Muffins & Rolls baked fresh daily
Big Sky Bread is excited to offer the freshest-tasting American and European breads available. All of our breads, cookies, muffins and rolls are baked fresh daily with only the best ingredients. Our breads contain no preservatives. With a few exceptions, they contain no processed sugars, added fats, oils or cholesterol. Best of all, our customers say ours is the best-tasting bread around. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoyed baking them for you.
The most important ingredient in good bread is the flour. Big Sky Bread bakes with stone ground hard red wheat. We use the freshest, all-natural ingredients, hand-selected from around the world. It all adds up to nutritious, great tasting bread. The best bread under the sky.
Slicing instructions
We do provide sliced bread in all varieties for our extra-hungry patrons, but we encourage you to take your bread home unsliced. If you slice it at home, your bread will stay fresher longer. You can also vary the thickness of your slices to your liking. To slice bread yourself, start with a good, serrated bread knife, close one eye, bite your lower lip and gently saw through the loaf.

Your bread should not be sliced or put in a plastic bag before it has cooled completely. Bagging before complete cooling can encourage condensation inside the bag causing a soggy loaf. We use no preservatives, so your bread should stay fresh approximately 7 days if stored correctly in a sealed plastic bag at room temperature. Take care not to place your bread on or near appliances which can raise the temperature of the bread. If an entire loaf is too much to use in the recommended time of freshness, freeze half the loaf and thaw when needed. Since our bread contains no added fats or oils, our bread freezes well with little effect on its quality and taste.

Store Location
6606 N. Western Ave.
Oklahoma City
Phone: 405.879.0330
Fax: 405.879.0333

Phone orders are welcome!
We are happy to ship many of our products,
please call for details.

Tuesday thru Friday - 7am to 6pm
Saturday - 7am to 5pm
Closed Sunday and Monday

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